28 September, 2007

A Good Week

Well at last I have managed to run 4 days in a row.

My week: Sunday 10K - 44:15, Monday - rest, Tuesday 12K - 57:20, Wedneday 12K - 56:20, Thursday 6K - 31M, Friday 12K - 56:40.

This morning I forced my myself not to look at my watch until I pressed the stop button at the end. I am a bit time obsessed. I was pleased with my effort today as it didn't feel as if I was working as hard as I was on Wednesday.

Tonight at 10:45 Robyn, my wife, arrives back in Brisbane after touring Europe with her sister for three weeks. She will be exhausted. I am looking forward to meeting her at the airport.

I have finally committed myself to running in the 500K relay again this year. There has been a change to the team. Previously we were callled Brisbane Road Runners, howerver gradually the team has been comprised more and more of Toowoomba runners and we get sponsorship from Toowoomba businesses so the name has been changed to Southern Cross. Our major sponsor is Southern Cross Ford who supply us with vehicles.

25 September, 2007

Something Concrete

I have had to give up my 12 k circuit for a while as most of it is run on concrete paths. My right knee and hip were beginning to get to painful after running the circuit. I now run a 12K, 6K out and back, course. Most of this is on bitumen but 2K of the 6 is dirt track wit a few ruts and ridges. I have run this three times now and am beginning to get some relief in my knee and hip. The knee pain is such that if I sit in one position for too long the pain gradually increases to the point I feel nauseous. This can happen on my 35 min train trip to work. Once I can move or stretch my leg it is almost instant relief.

Anyway, my first new 12 k was 1:02, 2ND 1:04 and the third, today, was 57:30.

On Sunday I ran the 10k In 44:15 at Brisbane Road Runners at West End. It was the Road Runners 25 year anniversary. They had a good turn out. The run was free and included, breakfast and sausage sizzle, and free coffee from one of those mobile machines. It was a very pleasant run and morning.

17 September, 2007

A Perfect Sunday

Well that will teach me not to read CR for a while. I drove to from Ipswich to Toowoomba on Sunday morning, arriving at the Hilly Half start at 6:15 to find one runner, Greg, there just in case some poor bunny didn't get the message that the race had been cancelled.

Greg offered me a bottle of wine for my trouble. After accepting the wine and preparing to return home, Greg informed me that some of the Toowoomba Road Runners were meeting at 7:00 and running the course just as their Sunday long run. I said that will do me and set off in a group of about 12. We took it fairly easy at the start then a small group started pulling away so I thought I might as well put in a bit of an effort and set off with them.

It was a pretty tough course which took me 1:46 to complete. As I was running I was wondering how I would be going if it was a race. Not very much better I think.

So the morning wasn't a write off. I go to run the Hilly Half, which I hadn't done before, I met some very friendly runners, got a bottle wine and I didn't have to pay $30 entry fee. The weather was perfect. A good morning by all accounts.

Many thanks to Greg, Joe, Trevor, Glen, Denis, Roger, Robert and the other Toowoomba runners for their friendly hospitality and a good run.

I drove home, stopping at Maca's near Gatton on the way for a Delux Brekie Roll. I arrived home at about 11:00AM and spent the rest of the day working on the cubby. I slept well last night. I was stuffed.

09 September, 2007

The Morning After

This morning when the alarm went off at 4:40 and I awoke with a shock. It seemed like my head had just hit the pillow. It also felt like it had been hit by a brick for, in fact my head had only just hit the pillow about 2.5 hours before. That was when I had arrived home after the Ball. I had a fantastic time at the Ball but at a cost, so my head was telling me. The Ball was the ENERGEX (the company I work for) Spring Ball organised by the Recreation Club. There were over 500 in attendance most of whom seemed to be on the dance floor all at one time due to the music provide by an excellent band.

I headed to Park Road and ran 15K at a 5:25 pace, the best I could manage.

Robyn, my wife, did not accompany me to the Ball because she is holidaying in Paris with her sister.

There was no progress on the cubby this weekend due to other commitments on Saturday and some post Ball recuperation today.

02 September, 2007

Return of the Running Buddy

At last my running buddy, Tegwen, joined us for a run this morning. She still has to to take it easy, at least running wise. Last week she swam 10K in the UQ pool. Today we did 15K at about 5:15, a nice comfortable pace. It was good to have her back.

Below are some photos of progress on the cubby. It has been a bit slow due to weekends away at the City 2 Surf and the Noosa Half. That's me on the roof. A not very comfortable position I might add.