27 January, 2008

11 Weeks Out

Ah! at last a week when I have felt good and my knees haven't been killing me. I ran 4 mornings during the week, 12K each time.

Monday was rest day. Tuesday I had a slow start but gradually improved along the way to finish in 1:01. I repeated this on Wednesday and Thursday put a little extra effort in and finished in 1:00. Friday, having been pleased with the fact that my knees weren't giving me as much gyp, I set out a little faster. I find that if I do this it makes a marked difference to my overall time. I finished Friday's run in 57:40.

An unusual event occurred on Tuesday. A fox ran accross the road ahead of me. I saw a fox on Mt Coot-tha once but the is the first one I have seen locally in the 34 years I have lived in Ipswich .

Today I ran from Park Road and ran to the green bridge at UQ and then through West End via Dornoch Terrace and Riverside Drive, through South Bank, over the Goodwill Bridge, through the City Gardens, turned around at Edward St, received a nice hello from Anna, our runner Queensland Premier, then headed back to Park Road. A total of 22K at 5:00 pace (the last couple of K at 4:30).

Yesterday, while I was out, Robyn took a call from Tegwen who said she wasn't back in Australia yet but could I let her know what run I had planned for Monday Public Holiday..she's keen. That's why I cut my run a bit short today, so that I have something left for tomorrow.

I finished the week with 70K and feeling good about it.

20 January, 2008

12 Weeks Out

I turned 56 yesterday, so it has been an easy week. That's my excuse. Monday was a rest day and Tuesday turned out to be one too. Wednesday was 14K at 5:11 pace and Thursday was 10K at the same pace. Friday I missed because I had to be in the City early to have breakfast with my friends, Darryl and Michelle, with whom I am going to New York. They are seasoned travellers and will be able to show me the ropes. Saturday I worked in the yard and today I did 30K from Park Road along the Brisbane River. I was wearing my Garmin, thinking it had plenty of charge left in it. However, when I got to the tap at the Edward St entrance to the City Gardens I went to check my time/pace and all I had was a blank face. It was not a reflection of my own face I can tell you.

Fortunately I knew where the 15K turnaround was along Kingsford Smith Drive but I have no idea of pace or time. I felt OK when I got back so maybe I was not trying hard enough.

13 January, 2008

13 Weeks Out

13 weeks till the Canberra Marathon. Scott says 12 in his Blog. Maybe I have miscounted.

I was a bit slack in my training this week. Wednesday's 14K just didn't happen. I woke to the alarm and just couldn't get out of bed.

Today I did 26K. An out and back along the Brisbane River from Park Road. I didn't manage the same pace as last week, however, I was happy enough with 2:15 for the 26.

Peterhorse passed me on his bike. It's always good to get a friendly cheer when your out there struggling.

This weeks mileage:

Tuesday 12K
Thursday 12K
Friday 12K
Sunday 26K, 2:15, 5:11pace
Total 62K

During the week I submittted my registration form to the travel agency, Travelling Fit, to book my spot for the New York Marathon. I am already excited. I can't imagine what I am going to be like as the time gets closer.

06 January, 2008

Am I There Yet?

That's what I kept asking myself this morning. I set out from Park Road at 5:00 all by myself with the intention of running to Newstead and back, a little over 28K. At about 12K I was toying with the idea of cutting the run short and cutting accross to the Hospital and Vic Park. The humidity was incredible and I knew that much of the return trip along the river from Newstead would be in full sun. However, once I got to Newstead House I gave myself a severe talking to and headed back the way I came. I was so glad to get back to Park Road. I was stuffed. The run was 28.35K at average 5:01 pace, a total time of 2:22:20. I am glad I toughed it out and did the 28.

My week:

Tuesday 13K; 1:05; 5:00 pace
Wednesday 12K; 1:02; 5:10 pace
Thursday 9K; 0:47; 5:17 pace
Friday 7K; 0:32; 4:52 pace
Sunday 28K; 2:22:20; 5:01pace

Total for the week 69K

01 January, 2008

1 January 2008

First day of the New Year! Where did 2007 go? It just seemed to fly by. What a year! Some highlights for me were:

  • Marathon PB in Canberra - 3:14:55

  • 3rd in my category (55-59) in the Queensland Half Marathon.

  • My daughter, Cynthia, graduated from Uni, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce.
Cynthia with her proud Mum and Dad.

2008 will be a big year. I have booked my flights for Canberra for my 10th marathon. In the next week or so I have to start forking out the money for the trip to the US which will include the New York Marathon. I will probably also do the Gold Coast Marathon.

Happy New Year.