30 March, 2008

2 Weeks Out

I must have eaten too much chocolate at Easter because I was feeling pretty crappy up until this morning. After the 34K on Easter Saturday I rested, and ate chocolate for 2 days. I ran 14K on Tuesday and cut back to 12K for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday I rested again. The program for today was to either run 26K or run a 10K race. Since my running buddy, Tegwen, was running a 10K for a team at the Mooloolaba Triathlon, I decide to head to
West End and run a 10K race. I was pleased that I did as I felt terrific. I enjoyed the run and I enjoyed crossing the line in 41:30. After my 42:47 for 10K on Good Friday I was really chuffed.
Tegwen sent me a text to say she ran well and was happy with her effort. So 2 happy runners.

It was very cool here this morning. My wife, Robyn, is in Tassie at the moment and has a fire going. She says it is very cold and windy. Even the locals are rugging up. So I am thinking that I might get to experience one of Canberra's colder marathons. The three that I have done previously have all been very mild.

My stats for the week:
Tue 14K, 1:12:03, Av Pace 5:09
Wed 12K, 1:01:15, Av Pace 5:05
Thu 12K, 1:03:01, Av pace 5:15
Fri 12K, 1:04:55, Av pace 5:25
Sun 10K, 0:41:30, Av pace 4:08, best pace 3:58 (last K)

Total for week 60K

It was great to see you this morning Tesso. Tesso won the 5K. I sure miss Clairie yelling at me.

23 March, 2008

3 Weeks Out

Well at last the final long run has been completed and the taper begins. By this time in three weeks it will be all over and I will be enjoying a drink with fellow marathoners.

It was another steady week of training last week. Some of the times were a bit ordinary but I am pleased with the way my training has progressed and my present state of preparedness. I completed three 14K circuits, one 10K race and a 34K long run.

The race was the annual Intraining Easter Egg Run. My daughter, Cynthia, and my grandchildren, Jordan and Georgia, joined me. They did the 3K and later the 1K. I ran the 10 in 42:47. Slightly over last year's time, but I was very pleased.

After the running Cyn and the kids took part in the egg& spoon race and the egg throwing competition. They didn't win, however, Jordan won the giant chocolate Easter egg in the random draw. That sure put a grin on his face.

The weekly stats:
Tues 14K, 1:14:32, av pace 5:19
Wed 14K, 1:08:53, av pace 4:55
Thur 14K, 1:10:39, av pace 5:03
Fri 10K, 42:47, av pace 4:16
Sat 33.57K, 2:50:26, av pace 5:05

Total 85.57K

17 March, 2008

4 Weeks Out

Another week closer and a few more k's under the belt. The weather during the week was perfect for training. Once again I did 4 days of 14K and my running buddy, Tegwen, and I finished of the week with 27.2K from Park Road. We did 2 laps of Mt Coot-tha which helped to reduce our average pace to 5:32. It's always a tough run but always rewards with a great sense of achievement.

My Stats for the Week:
Tue 14K 1:05:24, av 4:40
Wed 14K 1:13:43, av 5:16
Thu 14K 1:07:15, av 4:48
Fri 14K 1:07:34, av 4:50
Sun 27.2K 2:30:48, av 5:32

Total 83.2K

09 March, 2008

5 Weeks Out

I am privileged to have had one of those rare, for me at least, weeks where I couldn't set a running foot wrong. I ran 14K each day, Tuesday to Friday and today set out on a programmed 34K run and ended up with 36.2 due to a slight underestimation of the course.

I received a text message from Tegwen yesterday notifying me that she had run 35 + K's in 2:47. The challenge was set. I started from Park Road just before 5AM and headed to the Qld Uni then onto Indooroopilly. On the way I passed two running ladies who asked me what I was training for. Canberra Marathon I said. So are we they said. Where are you staying they asked. At the Telopea Inn I replied. So are we they said. Sharron and Kathy I think they said are their names...triathletes. They may be friends of Lew Williams.

Anyway, I was managing to keep my average pace under 5:00 and was pleased with that. I went onto Chelmer, Yeronga, Brisbane Corso, Highgate Hill, Kangaroo Point, Dockside, Story Bridge, City Gardens...This is where I got caught at the end of the Goodwill Bridge by thousands of runners (the distracting girlies Tesso warned me about) taking part in the Women's International Day fun run. the only way I could cross their path was to run with them and sidle across to the other side and out. While I was trying to figure a way out of my dilemma, I did get a hello from one of my favourite "Girlies" ..Tesso herself.

As distracted as I was I set off again to cover the last 3.5K back to Park Road.

Why was this a special week? Because I was happy with the stats:

Tue 14K 1:12:38, Av Pace 5:11, best 1K 4:51
Wed 14K 1:06:04, Av Pace 4:43, best 1K 4:11
Thu 14K 1:07:08, Av Pace 4:48, best 1K 4:07
Fri 14K 1:07:28, Av Pace 4:49, best 1K 4:14
Sun 36.2K 2:55:00, Av Pace 4:50, best 1K 4:04

Total 92.2K for the week.

03 March, 2008

6 Weeks Out

Well another week gone buy. I managed a couple of solid runs during the week. Tuesday was 12K in 57:27, Wednesday I had an early appointment in the city so gave the run a miss. Thursday was 14K in 1:15:01, Friday was 14K in 1:09:27 and Saturday was 7K in 35:43. I was quite pleased with Friday's run as I improved 5:30 on the previous day.

Sunday morning was a bit of a shock to the system. I was shivering as I waited for Tegwen to arrive. It stayed cool for the whole run. We only did 21K at 5:00 pace. It was an easy Sunday. Next week Tegwen can't make it on Sunday so I will be doing 34K from Park Road on my own. Hmmm! she will probably want to check the record on my Garmin.

68K for the easy week.