26 November, 2004


Addicted I may be but I'm still willing to let a tired body recuperate. This week I have taken it pretty easy and I think it is paying off. I am feeling so much better and looking forward to the 5K championship at Brisbane Road Runners on Sunday which I hope to somehow combine with my Sunday long run. Maybe this Sunday will be the day I finally crack 20 minutes. Either way you will hear about it.

Today day I am nursing a sore left calf after suffering a very painful cramp during the night. It woke me with a bit of a jolt. I don't know what causes that - probably need to replace some salt after recent intense running.

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Tesso said...

The way you've been running lately I reckon you're on for the sub 20 for sure. I'm on duty so will be handing you water or telling you where to go!