16 November, 2004

Tuesday 16/11/2004

Well today was supposed to be a training day with Pat Carroll's group. Last night I got all my gear ready as usual, set the alarm for 4:20 am and was looking forward to another torturous speed session. The alarm worked fine, I woke, turned it off, and I swear I only shut my eyes for two seconds but the clock said it was 40 minutes. I didn,t even have time to drive to the railway station let alone shave and dress. I know it's a shocking excuse.

Now I know I could have done the speed training on my own from home, BUT, as I set out slowly I realised that after my big effort on Sunday (10K PB) I really wasn't up to any speeding.
Instead I did an easy 8K which took me 40 minutes.

With the 3 day 500K Relay looming (Fri 19 to Sun 21 Nov) I need to conserve some energy anyway.


Clairie said...

Hi Eddie,
I did the exact same thing - Missed Pat's group. I turned up about 7mins after 6am but they had left already and there was no whiteboard (there usually is) to tell us where the group was running. So instead I ran in the gardens looking for them, then headed over to West End. All in all I ran for 50-55 mins at a steady pace. Great run but bit scary at West End on my own past all the homeless people.
Caught up with the group just after 7am but they were all laughing at me so I will never be late again!!!

Tesso said...

Hey Eddie, I set two different alarms about a minute or so apart. Not that I need them as I am a chronic insomniac and am usually awake well before either of them goes off.

Anyway, missed you this morn - thought you might be giving yourself a very well deserved rest after that awesome effort on Sunday.