14 November, 2004

Sunday 14/11/2004

Fantastic run today! Brisbane Road Runners 10K championships. Won the 50 - 54 category with a PB of 40:55. I'm stoked. 1:17 better than my previous PB.
All I have to do now is shave at least another 5 seconds off per K and I'll crack that elusive 40:00 10K.
I was also elected as the Club treasurer at our AGM today.

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Eagle said...

Well done Eddie. Also ran a 10km in Sydney on Sunday - Like you had a good one on Sunday - 39.06 for 10km and also won the +50 age group at 55 - so surprised! I also run marathons - doing no 63 on Sunday at Thredbo. Keep up the effort to lower your times - wise training and patience will give you results - I ran 36 marathons before running 2.58 at Canberra in 2002 aged 53. So with effective training (high intesity not necesarily high volume)you can (for a while at least) keep your time coming down. After Thrdbo will focus on 4 months preparation for Canberra.

Eagle aka Ray James aka ray42k