01 May, 2006

Brisbane Half

What a shocker. I felt a real sense of disappointment during this race. I knew that the way my legs felt, there was not a chance of them coming good during the race. They felt like lead the whole way. I guess I hadn't recovered from the Canberra Marathon as well as I had thought.

My CoolRunning post:

"As much as I looked forward to this race, once I was out there I looked forward to the finish. At the start line I still had high hopes of running about 1:33. Having set out with Robert Song, thinking that if I stuck with him I might stand a chance of a 1:33, I, however, realised early on that my leaden legs were just not going to perform today.

The reality hit home when at about 7K the 1:35 train passed me and I lost Robert Song. I thought then, that I would just do the best I could and came home in 1:38. I just didn't have any bounce in me today. Never mind, there will be another one.

The organisation was teriffic. All the volunteers put in a mighty effort.
Thanks to the CR Cheer squad. There was huge turn out of CR's today. Though the event was a tough one, the atmosphere was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of the event."


iliketoast said...

there is a recurring theme for those after Canberra which has to be a factor .... add the humidity and that accounts for a tough day ... don't be so hard on yourself

Tesso said...

Eddie, you are the only person I know who has a hard day yet smiles all the way! I've done this half a couple of times just weeks after the Canberra Marathon and both times it sure caught up with me well before the finish line.

Well done!

Ewen said...

Sorry to hear that Eddie. Tesso's right - the marathon wasn't that long ago. Good on you for toughing it out.

Horrie said...

Don't beat yourself up too much Eddie. Just give yourself a refresher and then you can ramp it up for Gold Coast.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Like the others said Eddie, Canberra wasn't that long ago. I actually think you ran a tremendous race. To back up with a 1.38 in a half marathon just a few weeks after a marathon is a great effort.

plu said...

I guess it is a cycle of rest and running. I am sure Canberra is still in your egs. I feel it.


Superflake said...

It was pretty humid Eddie. I'm sure that you may still have a bit of Canberra in the legs as well. Now to get stuck into GCM training.