10 May, 2006

On a different path

Yesterday I ran my old faithful 12K circuit in an old faithful time of 57:01.

This morning, thinking about Tuggeranong Don's policy of running a different course each day, I decided to go on an adventure. I ran over hill and dale, well some hilly streets at least, not exactly knowing where the next turn would take me. I had a general idea of course, and did make it home eventually. I had to struggle with a few more hills than I had planned but I was taking it easy and just enjoying the experience, be it in the dark.

My total excursion lasted 1:05:05 and was 12.5K in all. I arrived home feeling good and glad I had tried something different. Thanks for the inspiration Don.


Tesso said...

Its good to do something different Eddie, running over hill and dale. I just hope Dale didn't mind ;-)

Ewen said...

Sounds like a good run Eddie. Old faithful will always be there.

Tesso, that joke failed to moo-ve me.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Lovely post Eddie and thanks for the references to me. That's very nice of you. I also liked the references to old faithful. I've certainly got a few of them as well.