14 May, 2006

Oh what a run!

I am feeling so good after my run this morning. It must the Magical Mountain I ran this morning.

My running buddy, Tegwen, and I..no one else would join us.. set off from Park Road at 5:00AM today and headed up Milton Road to Mt Coot-tha. The section from the entrance to the Botanical Gardens to the junction where the loop round the mountain (big hill really..anything a couple of hundred metres above sea level is called a mountain in Queensland and it probably was a mountain 300 million years ago) meets up is the steepest part of the run. The next section, from J C Slaughter Falls to the summit, is about 3K's of steadily climbing, winding road. It's always good to turn the last bend and see the Channel 10 sign which is illuminated and a welcome sight in the dark.

Once the summit has been conquered the worst is over but there are still a couple of smaller challenges on the way down. We completed one lap (9.6K) and then did the same again. I found the second climb a real challenge. My legs were screaming by the time I hit the top. However, it is always a good feeling to have met the challenge and be heading down again.

We returned via Sylvan Road because it doesn't have any hills. In all we covered 28K in 2:35. I was surprised how good I felt and even after sitting for a while, chatting over a cup of coffee, I didn't feel any soreness when I got up to leave.

All in all, a great morning.


Tesso said...

Mt Coot-tha really is a special run, and doing it early in the morning, well, its just magical. You've described it all so well, especially the joy one feels when spotting Channel 10.

And isn't it funny how after the big downhill of the first lap you feel so great that the thought of a second one seems easy.

Well done buddy!!!

Robert Song said...

After reading your comments on my blog about your training not going well, I read this.

I'm sure you are going to be very solid at GC.

Luckylegs said...

Wonderful run, Eddie! I could see it all, you described it so clearly including the coffee! How about no soreness...that is what we'd all call a great morning! So very pleased for you!

Ewen said...

Great report on a great run Eddie. I must do Mt C one day. :)

Horrie said...

Sounds like one of those magical runs when all is good in the world. Just gotta love long runs on Sundays.

iliketoast said...

bingo ... way to nail the big one with 2 laps!

Tuggeranong Don said...

What a beautiful run Eddie and Shakespeare would have been proud of you for the way you described it. Brisbane's such a great spot and I still pine for my home town. One day I will return!