29 May, 2006

Where did my energy go?

After another run in the lunch break on Friday (5.2k in 21:09) I was, as usual, lookin forward to my Sunday long run.

At 5:00AM Sunday morning we set out from Park Road to do 32K. I felt pretty good and was enjoying the run, heading out along the river to Breakfast Creek at a fairly steady pace. We turned around at Breakie Creek ( a little over 14:3K) and headed back on the the same course. By the time we had reached NewFarm Park my legs were feeling really tired with about 11K still to go to mke up the 32K. I had consumed to GU's by this time and they didn't seem to have had there usual revitalising effect. I was getting wearier by the step.

We had decided to run over the Story Bridge, around Dockside, through Southbank to the Grey Street bridge and back along the river to Park Road. Running under the cliffs on Kangaroo Point I was feeling knackered, with about 6.5 K's to go. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. You would have thought I was running the last couple of K's of a marathon. With a great deal of relief I evenually made it to Park Road. My average pace was 5:34.

When I got home I was feeling exhausted. I had a shower and had to have a little lie down and took it easy for the rest of the day. I slept well last night and feel good today.....could probably run forever.

When I compare yesterday's run to my run last Sunday, it is hard to comprehend the difference. Last Sunday I was able to finish 30K with a good solid workout.

I hope it was just an Off day. I Have entered the Doomben Half next Sunday so am hoping for another On day.


Tesso said...

Some days are diamonds,
Some days are stone.

Those stone days make the diamond ones even more precious :-)

Robert Song said...

Hope you are Ok by Sunday.
If not, we might have to get the dogs out to get you going.
See you there.

Robert Song said...

Hope you have as Paul Simon said "Diamonds on the Soles of Your Shoes".

iliketoast said...

Now I'm singing the Bowie classic, Diamond Dogs ... looking forward to seeing you at the Half

Clairie said...

That's why we run Eddie. To experience life - the good and the bad.

You have been having a lot of consistent runs lately (dogs and all!!) and it is a sign of being alive and human that you have the odd bad day.

Take it on board and grow from it.......
and then get out there STOP COMPLAINING and just run, because you can....heh heh heh

They don't call me bossy for nothing :)

Luckylegs said...

On, off...is the way it goes, Eddie, for all of us! Much like the other parts of our lives. Switch to "On" & have a great run on Sunday.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Eddie, the others have said it better than I could say it. But I have always been bemused why some days it clicks and others it doesn't. There is never any logic to it. Looking forward to your report from Sunday.