22 May, 2006

Sunday fun day

I love Sundays. I love Sunday long runs. Yesterday was no exception. I left Park Road with my runnning buddies at 5:30AM and headed down river to Newstead and continued over the Breakfast Creek bridge until we hit the 15K mark, turned round and headed back the same way. 30K in all.

What spectacular running weather. It is so delightful to go out on such mornings and just enjoy the moment.


Clairie said...

Eddie, what are you doing??

I thought you would be all over the 7km Club Championships yesterday???

Instead here you are roaming around the countryside like a lost puppy.
You should have been there at Warwick. We all were talking about you and wishing you could have joined us. Would have made it feel like ALL our friends were there.

When is your next challenge?

Are you racing at GC for the full (judging by your training I am thinking yes).

Robert Song said...

Nice flat run yesterday ;-)

Sound like you have recovered from the previous week.