25 May, 2006

Out and Back

Yeaterday I did an out and back totalling 12k in 57:15. No Dogs.

Today I bought my gear into work and am going to run at lunch time. I'll see how this goes. I am always a bit pushed for time. But I like running when and where their are others running too.

The dark cold mornings get a bit lonely and eerie.

After Lunch update:

I had a very pleasant run. I aran from the Edward Street entrance of the City Gardens along the River Until I had been going 20 mins. That took me to about 250 Metres beyond Oxley's on the River Restaurant. I arrived back to give me a time of 39:57 for 9.38K. An average pace of 4:16.


Tesso said...

Gee, 4:16 pace. Not bad going there Eddie.

Are you doing the Doomben Half or 10k?

Ewen said...

Good pace Eddie. You must have been hurrying so you could get back and eat your sandwich.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Agree with Tesso and Ewen, that was quick Eddie. I think your primal instincts must be still in force...your fear reflexes are obviously well developed after the dogs' episode. It's all that prehistoric hunter/gatherer, 'run from the bear', pull the ladies by the hair stuff - that's why you were running fast!

iliketoast said...

4:16 .... that is why you are called Fast Eddie!