02 May, 2006

A good run

I set out this morning at about 5 o'clock and was surprised that I didn't feel too bad. My quads are a bit sore from Sunday's Half but other than that I had no problems. It was nice and cool and on my way back home, having warmed up nicely, I even felt a bit of the old bounce.

12K in 56:54 with a negative split by 2 mins.


Luckylegs said...

That's good, Eddie! Of course the bounce will come back...where else can you go after a "shocker"...I should know! Someone with your fighting spirit won't stay 'down' for long! {}s!!

Robert Song said...

It was nice that it turned a bit cooler today.

Glad to hear that Sunday didn't take too much out of you.

Must say it was a strange feeling getting away from you on Sunday. The first time I can recall that happening in a race. As I fell in to my own hole in the last 4k, I was expecting any second for you to overtake me!