28 February, 2006

Recovery Run

I set out very slowly this morning with recovery after Sunday's run in mind. The out and back course seemed the better option. Knowing that I wouldn't even get to 6K in 30 mins I decide to run out for 6K no matter how long it took. It took me about 32 mins. I headed home, and having warmed up was able to complete the 12K in 59:38.

26 February, 2006

Sunday at West End

Another Long Run/Race combo this morning. As I needed to do another long run today and didn't want to miss the BRRC run at West End I decided to start at Park Road, Milton and run via the Goodwill Bridge to the club run. That gave me a 7.6K warm up. I had time to sign in and say hello to a few runners including Hannah, Karisma and Robert Song, and hugs from Tesso and Clairie.

I wasn't sure what I was going to accomplish in the 20K club run. Having had a good warm up I was able to settle into the race pretty quickly, which pleased me gteatly. at about 2.5 k i checked my average pace and was a bit shocked to see it at 4:23. I thought I am not going to be able to maintain that. I knew however that I would slow a bit without making a cons cious effort to do so. My pace did stay fairly consistent throughout except in the last lap (4 x 5K laps) I checked the pace for the last time in about the same spot as in the first lap and my average was again 4:23. I finished the 20K in 1:30:40. Slightly over 4:30 pace.

My run back to Park Road was a bit shorter because I cut accross the Victoria Bridge. The total K's this morning were 33 and total running time was 2:38.

Congratulations to Clairie who ran a strong 1:34 20 K this morning.

24 February, 2006

A Sow Start

It took some real willpower to get out of bed this morning. Once I am up it's OK. I had a very slow start this morning and thought, as I ran, that an out and back may not be worthwhile. I reached the point where I can either turn right and continue on my 12K circuit or turn left to run till I hit 30mins. My legs decided to go left so I had no choice but to go with them. I didn't think I would meven make 6K in the 30 mins today. I hit 5K in 25:22 and thought I may just scrape in the 6k in 30. I hit the 6 and the 30 right on the dot, turned and headed for home which I did in 27:09.

My average pace today was 4:46 for 12K whereas yesterday's was 4:41 for 12.3K.

My total K's this week: 82 and for the month so far: 274

23 February, 2006

When being Negative is Positive

I made the change this morning and did an out & back. Out for 30 mins and try for a negative split on the return. This morning I managed the return in 27:29. My total K's were 12.3 in 57:29.

22 February, 2006

Time to change

I think at this point in my training, having established a good endurance base, that it is time for a slight modification to my training routine. Tomorrow, if I can convince my legs to change ruts..I mean routes, I will do an out and back course. I will run out for 30 minutes and then see if I can achieve a negative split on the return run. My aim will also be to try and gradually increase the distance I run ie. run further in the first 30 minutes than on the previous run.

My 12K today took 59:45 and yesterday 60:38.

21 February, 2006

A Tad Tired

Even though I have no aches and pains nor stiffeness or soreness after Sunday's 34, I a realised during my 12K today that I am a tad tired. I seem to be lacking some zing, or is it bling(whatever that is). Nevertheless it was good to be out there. My focus is Canberra, Canberra and Canberra.

19 February, 2006

Sunday ALive

I am soooo happy with this morning's run. The good thing about it is that I felt as if I could have kept going. After 34K's that is a good feeling. It was only 2 weeks ago that I did 28K and couldn't take another step. After last week's 32K I had had enough. Today seemed to be a tad cooler so that would have been a factor.

We set out this morning a little after 5 from Park Road, headed into the city along the river to the Goodwill Bridge, up Highgate Hill (a challenge). As we were heading down the other side one of my buddies got thrown by a black belt green ant. She took some skin off her hand and hurt her ankle but soldiered on. We headed through Dutton Park, around past the beginnings of the new bridge going over the river to the University. We considered what a temptation to cutting our runs short this bridge is going present.

On through Yeronga and Tennyson, over Oxley Creek through Chelmer and over the Indoorooplly Bike/Pedestrian bridge. I parted with my buddies here as they were taking a more direct route back to Park Road. I continued on past the Golf Club and onto the University where I did a 5K circuit to make up some distance. This presented a bit of a mental challenge as I would have liked to have just kept on going but I thought I better not pike or I would regret it later. On I went through St Lucia to Toowong where I ran into the wonderful Tesso as she was nearing home after her Sunday outing. I then headed along the river on the bike path to exit at Park Road. I always dread this part of the run as by the time I get to this strecth along the river the sun is beating down and there is no shade. It is a bit of a horror stretch. Nevertheless, I handled it pretty well and was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt.

After 3:04:37 for the 34K I was pleased to sit down with my Strong Flat White and a bottle of Ginger Beer. I find Ginger beer a really refreshing drink after a run. So, another Sunday long run finished and I am feeling ALIVE.

17 February, 2006

80 for the week

I made it. 80K for the week. I was surprised to find I got my 12K in just under the hour this morning....59:38. As I said..just under.

Long run Sunday. I hope to do at least 32K again.

16 February, 2006

Another 12

Talk about Mr Boring. 12k on the same circuit again. The uphill climb on the home stretch doesn't seem to be getting any easier though. So it still must be doing me some good.

1:00:55 for the 12 today. That is 68K for the week so far and 180 for the month.

15 February, 2006

Empty Eddie

I felt like I was running on empty this morning. There didn't seem to be anything there to give me a boost. 58:00 for the 12k today even though I felt like I was putting in a big effort.

As I walked up my front yard Venus was shining spectaculary in the eastern sky. In the early part of my run I was running by moon light.

14 February, 2006

12k Recovery

1:02:10 recovery run today. What excuse am I going to use tomorrow.

I almost needed scuba gear out there today. I reckon I came close to drowning and it wasn't even raining.

12 February, 2006

Stuffed Eddie

Man oh man! 32K this morning in 2:50. My legs are feeling a bit tired. I really feel it after sitting for a while. When we started out at 5 this morning the rain was bucketing down but it soon stopped and then turned into a sauna.

I did 16K from Park Road along the river to Brett's Wharf and followed the same route back. Because I was running with others until Breakfast Creek my outward leg took 1:30 but coming back on my own took me 1:20. My average pace for the whole run was 5:15 per K. It was good to get the longer run in at last. Next week I would like to go a bit further.

I hope the 10 Mile Club Championships went well at West End.

10 February, 2006

76 for the week

Yesterday was a very slow day at 1:03:04 for the 12. I thought I better put some effort in today and got it down to 57:06.

I was looking back through a diary and found that in August 2004 I had a PB on my 12K circuit of 52:52. Looks like I have a bit of work to do.

My tally for this week is 76K

Sunday 28k 2:27
Tuesday 12k 1:01:23
Wednesday 12k 57:27
Thursday 12k 1:03:04
Friday 12K 57:06

09 February, 2006

Was it only yesterday...

Was it only yesterday that I did the 12K in 57:27? Today's 1:03:04 makes me think I was dreaming, but for the fact it is all recorded on my Garmin. I did, however, enjoy this morning's run very much and just wanted to keep on going. The sun is not quite up when I start out now and this morning was even sort of cool.

08 February, 2006

A Good One

After yesterday's beautiful run I was expecting a repeat performance today but I knew as I started out that it was going to be even better. Not only did I enjoy the run but I cut 4 minutes off yesterday's time. Mind you, it wasn't a PB, but I was very pleased with the 57:27 for the 12K this morning.

07 February, 2006


I enjoyed my run so much this morning. It was just great. Even though it took me 1:01:23 for the 12 K I am glad to be feeling good and enjoying the moment. It has taken me 4 years of running to get to a point where I am beginning to understand a bit about myself in relation to my running. I feel as if I am entering some sort of zone or point in my development where my running is becomming more a natural part of me than forced or something I have to try to do.

It probably sounds as if I am talking gibberish but I reckon some of you will understand what I am trying to say.

05 February, 2006

By comparison......

By comparison to the mighty efforts put in by the Dusk to Dawn runners at Caboolture my run this morning fades a little. However at the time my 28K run this morning seemed tough. I had ideas of doing more but by the time I was nearing the finish I was so glad I had turned round when I didat 14K. The moisture laden atmosphere was taking its toll. When I finished I felt really drained.

What a legend is our Tesso! I am so proud of her. And Clairie!....just getting stronger and stronger. What champs.

03 February, 2006

73K for the Week

I didn't pike this morning. I just got out there and did it, albeit a bit slow...12K 1:02:08. So I got my tally for the week to 73K. That's 2 weeks in a row. Now I feel like I am getting serious about Canberra. It's a good mental hurdle to get over.

I'm now looking forward to the long run on Sunday and to reading the reports from the Dusk to Dawner's. All the best to all doing that one.

02 February, 2006

Hard Slog

Not much in the way of speed this morning I'm afraid. My legs felt like led weights. 1:01:32 for the 12k today. I hate going over the hour.

61K for the week so far so I had better not pike on tomorrow's 12K if I I want to stick to to my goal of at least 70K per week.

01 February, 2006

Building up the K's

Slowly but surely I am building up the k's in preparation for Canberra. 233.9K's for January, a tad under Tesso's tally for the same period.

This week has been a good one. 25K on Sunday, rest on Monday, 12K Tuesday in 59:04, and 12K today in 59:58.