09 December, 2004

Thursday 9/12/2004

Feeling absolutely stuffed after the speed training session this morning. I put in a pretty good effort though and am happier with the way I am coping with these sessions. It's good to do this type of training with a group which is supportive and encouraging.

Yesterday, Wednesday, my mid-week program called for a 10 minute leap to 1 Hr 10 min. I added to my favourite 12K course from home and ended up with 15.6K in 1:13:38 (good ol'GPS).

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Clairie said...

Thats a good steady run you did on Wednesday at under 5min/km pace. And then you front up for a terror session on Thursday!!
You are definitely going to get some ribbons next year Eddie :)
Yes I find running with Pat's group the most encouraging. There is a lot of pressure to do your best - which I like, and also the real fast people are very supportive of the slower ones like me so you always feel welcome. Can't wait to see how we all perform in 2005.