28 December, 2004

Tuesday 28/12/2004

It started out deceptively cool with a light breeze off the river but once we were into the warm up the humidity quickly made itself very apparent. I find the high humidity not only causes me to sweat a lot it exhausts me. Only a few turned out for Pat's training session this morning and they were mostly the A team. We lined up for 8 x 500m reps with 1 min standing recovery and finished off with a 1K. My first 4 reps were between 112 and 115 secs, by the 8th they were up to 120 secs. The A team were maintaining the low 90's. I find it really difficult to push myself any faster than this and be able to sustain the pace. I am sure that I will improve.

I can't complete this blog without commending Tesso and Clairie for their spirit of love and concern. We arrived at West End to begin our speed session and Pat realised that one of our number was missing. We had lost Don, a visitor from Canberra, along the way. Tesso and Clairie, out of love and concern for their fellow runner, volunteered to run back to find him. They returned, without Don, just as we had finished the session and were heading back.


Horrie said...

Eddie, the last time I did 500m reps was after I had done 4X1km reps. The thing that I find really tough about them is only 1 minute rest between reps as you barely have time to get your breath back before you're punching another one out. Like you Eddie, my time for them blew out to 2 minutes as well. I don't think they ever become easier but I am sure if you put everything into them, your times will come down. Keep plugging away mate, you're doing well.

Clairie said...

Well couldn't have me doing speed with just the A team so had to find some excuse to run off :)
Poor Don, hope he made it home..
Let me say though that Tess is no easy task master. She still had me doing some speed in there and running up and down and around hills, over bridges. I was exhausted afterwards....see you Thursday. Think I'll turn up as Pat is way easier than Tesso :))))