07 December, 2004

Tuesday 7/12/2004

3K Time Trial Day. It was bucketing rain. I was wearing my favourite old running shorts which have no string pull because it came out in the wash and I couldn't thread it back in. I figured they still had enough elasticity left in the waist band to hold them up. This may have been so if it had been dry but in the rain - no way. The weight of the water and the running movement had them on their way down. I had to keep hitching them up. You can see I'm on my way to a big excuse here can't you. It's original isn't it? Well I was 1 second outside my PB of 11:22 set last month. I reckon I must have lost a couple of seconds, at least, hitching up my shorts.

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Horrie said...

Eddie, very important note to self. When attempting to run fast, make sure you wear correct gear. It must have been a sight watching you running fast as well as doing your best to keep your shorts up. Another good run by you and your consistency is very inspiring. Keep training as hard as you are now, and that PB will go big time.