15 December, 2004

Wednesday 15/12/2004

14 K today in 1:10. I had to stick to a course I'm used to so that I could judge time and distance as my GPS froze after 1k. I can't even turn it off. Very sad.

My legs are still sore after my big weekend which I followed up with a "speed" session yesterday - 8 x 1 min reps. I couldn't put in a good effort because my legs weren't moving too well.

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Eagle said...

On Wednesday we did almost the same run - I did 14 and a bit in 61 - I noticed a comment you made on Coolrunning about you hoping to run a sub 3 at age 53. It can be done withathe right training and running and running very even splits on the day - my time was 2.58.16 and my half splits were from memory 88.30 and 89.46- so it is a matter and believing you can hold the pace in the second half and doing the right training to do that.

I am again training for Canberra 05 and usingthe same program I used in 2002. I am about 6 weeks in front of that schedule in regard to to times - in other words the time I am now running I was only running in late January. If training continues well and I have no injuries I expect that I will have a good chance a running a time well under 3.

Good luck with your training and your aim of the sub 3.
Ray James