26 March, 2006

Beautiful Day

Oh what a beautiful morning. An absolutely magnificant day here in sunny Brisbane. I gave the club run a miss today as I didn't want ot have to tackle 7K laps. I set off from Park Road without much of a plan in mind and ended up doing 25K..at a slow pace mind you. I was a bit worried at first because I tought my left calf was going to cramp on me but once I got warmed up it was OK.

I am feeling very anxious for Tesso. I do hope she can run in Canberra. Bloody ITB.


Tesso said...

Thanks a lot Eddie! Though not sure you're allowed to use that 'bloody' word ;-)

I know what you mean about the 7k loops - hate 'em!

Clairie said...

Yes I am feeling for Tesso so much too!!!

It just won't be the same if she is not there running alongside.

AT the very least I know she will be at the finish waiting for me so that is something to look forward to.

Missed you at BRRC but I was only there marshalling, I don't think I would have ran either. I'm not fussed with the 7km loop course. Especially this morning - detours everywhere!

Robert Song said...

Glad to hear the calf is better. Wouldn't want another injured runner for Canberra.

Luckylegs said...

Yea! Me too! I know what it's like & I'm praying for Tesso!