05 March, 2006

Sunday Loooooooong Run

I headed out from Park Road this morning along the river to Newstead and then on to Hamilton and heaven only knows where. I kept running until I hit a dead end and ran back the same way.
37.7K in all in 3:05:32. An average of 4.55 per K. In some parts of the run I was battling against strong wind and driving rain. Reminded of the Toowoomba marathon last year.

All in all the run went well and I feel good about it. Next Sunday is the BRRC Half Marathon championships.


Robert Song said...

Yeah it was wild this morning. Impressive pace for those conditions. Knees must be better.
I'll give you a wave as you go past me in the Half next Sunday.

Clairie said...

Eddie......how can you stop at 37.7...you obviously are not a 'rounding' person like myself who has to run to the next full kilometre!!!

Your run sounds fabulous but I think i prefer the conditions I ran in on Sat to your ones this morning :)

Tesso said...

Great run Eddie. Its a wonder I didn't see you out there, I was in the same territory. Then again I stuck to the back streets for a while to avoid that light breeze coming off the river ;-)