21 March, 2006


Took the run very gingerly this morning. My left calf feels tight and sore so I didn't want to be nursing an injury at this point in time, any point in time for that matter. There was no sprint home today. I got through the 12K though and then did some stretches. Maybe I will indulge in a massage.


Robert Song said...

I can feel another "gift" coming this week Eddie.

plu said...

That is it Eddie, no more running. Taper.

Cheers Plu

Clairie said...

Stop thinking up excuses for me to run past you!

Keep well! I'm counting on you to spur me on to the finish.

Tesso said...

Don't know how you can call a massage an indulgence! To me they are an hour of pain. I still can't believe I actually pay good money for it ;-)

Take care of that calf Eddie!!!!