22 March, 2006

Repeat Offender

True confessions! I did it again. I took the morning off. No run today. Another gift to myself Robert Song. However, be sure that I have totally justified this in my own mind and am already reaping the benefits. My calf, though still niggling, is much improved and I am freed from the worry of it becoming worse. How does that sound? Convincing.....?


Clairie said...

Good for you Eddie!!

will make running past you so much easier as you will be under trained!

Only kidding. Rest up matey and toe that line injury free. I don't have a car and pair of crutches for you like last year :)

Taper means just that - less runs and less mileage. If you need the mind boost then just run hard when you do finally manage to get out on the road.

See you at BRRC but hopefully you won't be doing the 35km...

plu said...

Go for the tri Eddie

Robert Song said...

Smart move Eddie.
The spirit of giving is contagious and I am planning to give myself a treat today as well.

Tesso said...

I didn't run today either if that makes you feel better ;-)