13 March, 2006

The Great Race

What a magic weekend. The weather was purrrfect.

On riverside Drive at West End yesterday at 5:15 AM it was brilliant. I set out for a 5k warmup for the Brisbane Road Runners Culb Half Marathon championship. I was back in plenty of time to register and say hello to a few running buddies like Clairie, Tesso, Runner-Bee, Karisma, Robert Song, Spot and Hannah.

The race started and off we went. Clairie was about 30 to 40 metres ahead of me in no time. I thought this one goes down to Clairie. However, as the race progressed I was able to make up the distance and pass her but then I had to work hard to keep ahead and I didn't know whether I was going to be able to do that. You see I know that Clairie will, in the not too far distant future, beat me, but Clairie is doing something special for me, she is making me work harder than I might otherwise do. She is making me dig deeper in order to keep ahead and that is a very good thing. And look what Clairie achieved yesterday...a 5 minute PB.

My race progressed very well and towards the end of the last lap I was picking off guys who had passed me early in the race. In fact I did my last K in 4:04. My finish tiime was 1:33:37 and I came 3rd in my age category. Ron Peters, who won my category, 50-54, was also the out right winner in a time of about 1:15:00. Pretty amazing stuff.

I am very happy with yesterday's result as it boosts my confidence for Canberra.


plu said...

Well done Eddie.

It might be easier to get Claire to retire!


Clairie said...

I'm coming for you Eddie!! One day......

Was great to run with you and yes you certainly had me all spurred up to keep you in sight which no doubt helped me immensely in my search for a good run.
Maybe one day when I am a bit faster and you need a rest we can run together!!