19 March, 2006

Sunday sort of long run

I probably didn't go as far as I should have this morning but I did manage get out to 28K at an average pace of 4:57. I ran to along the river from Park Road to Breakfast Creek and followed the same route back. It was pleasant running this morning and there were plenty of runners out today.

Only three weeks until Canberra now and I am really looking forward to it.


Robert Song said...

It was pleasent this morning. Although the BOM site still gave it 20C and 85% humidity at 5:00am.

Didn't seem that bad.

28k @ 4:57 is still a decent traing run.

Tesso said...

28k sounds far enough!

Not long to go :-)

Ewen said...

28k is a bloody long way if you ask Chickybabe!

That was a good half (and a good variety of splits) Eddie. Bring your jumper with you - it's getting cool.