28 March, 2006

A Tribute to Angels

A great run this morning with a nice strong finish on the uphill home stretch.

My tribute to Angels got side tracked this morning.

So here it is now.

Yesterday when I arrived home I collected the mail and was thrilled to receive a card from a friend wishing me all the best for the Canberra Marathon. While I was running this morning I was reflecting on the card and this got me thinking about how blessed I am and all the Angels who encourage and support me. There is a whole host of Angels but only one Archangel and that is Robyn, my wife.

So to all my Angels..thank you.


Robert Song said...

Good to hear you are back to your best.

So the angels are watching over you?

Tesso said...

Wasn't the trip to Canberra a gift from your lovely Archangel Robyn? Yep, she certainly is looking after you :-)

Clairie said...

Anyone that makes our Eddie so proud and happy in life is certainly a treasure indeed.

Keep hold of that feeling you have captured in your post Eddie and at the 37km mark think of your beautiful wife and her gift to you. Finish it off for her.

Ewen said...

You're blessed Eddie.

Not long now. See you soon. :)