07 March, 2006


Today was a nice steady recovery run on the 12k circuit. It took me 1:02:28. I was feeling a bit drained yesterday after Sunday's 37.7. If tiredness is my only concern, I am doing OK.

I don't want to exert myself too much this week as Sunday is the Brisbane Road Runners Half Marathon championship run. This will be a good precursor to the Canberra Marathon on April 9.

My big challenge on Sunday will be keeping Clairie in sight. I know she LET me beat her in the 20K a couple of weeks ago.


Clairie said...

That's right Eddie....I LET you beat me :)

Actually the only way you will be keeping me in sight is if you have a rearview mirror attached to your hat!!!

See you Sunday and rest up good in the meantime.

Tesso said...

I can see I'm gonna get windburn on Sunday with you and Clairie flying past me!

Have an easy week. See ya out there Fast Eddie.