10 March, 2006

Ticking Over

59:14 for 12K this morning. Legs were feeling a bit leaden. I hope Sunday will be better. I will have to get there early and do a bit of a warm up.


Clairie said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah.....you are just lulling me into a sense of security so I think you'll be all nice and slow on Sunday.

I know better. A rest day on Saturday and you will come out firing on all cylinders.

See you there for the warm up Eddie :)

Robert Song said...

I reckon you are in for a tough run Sunday. Looks like you are going to have Clairie on your back the whole way!

Tesso said...

Sunday will be great! I'm gonna get there nice and early to avoid queueing up to enter - there are going to be squillions of people there from what I can gather.

Hope you hang around at the end for a while ... until I finish.

Luckylegs said...

Just make sure you enjoy the run, Eddie...best of luck!