30 March, 2006

An old Circuit

Today I ran the 5k Circuit I used to run when I first stared running. I remember what a struggle it was. It's good to back to your roots and reflect upon your humble beginnings. Of course I am still "ever so 'umble".

I really am looking forward to Canberra. I am feeling good, nothing is hurting.

28 March, 2006

A Tribute to Angels

A great run this morning with a nice strong finish on the uphill home stretch.

My tribute to Angels got side tracked this morning.

So here it is now.

Yesterday when I arrived home I collected the mail and was thrilled to receive a card from a friend wishing me all the best for the Canberra Marathon. While I was running this morning I was reflecting on the card and this got me thinking about how blessed I am and all the Angels who encourage and support me. There is a whole host of Angels but only one Archangel and that is Robyn, my wife.

So to all my Angels..thank you.

26 March, 2006

Beautiful Day

Oh what a beautiful morning. An absolutely magnificant day here in sunny Brisbane. I gave the club run a miss today as I didn't want ot have to tackle 7K laps. I set off from Park Road without much of a plan in mind and ended up doing 25K..at a slow pace mind you. I was a bit worried at first because I tought my left calf was going to cramp on me but once I got warmed up it was OK.

I am feeling very anxious for Tesso. I do hope she can run in Canberra. Bloody ITB.

23 March, 2006

Back on track..almost

12K this morning - nice and easy. Still a bit of a niggle in the calf but it improved as I warmed up.

22 March, 2006

Repeat Offender

True confessions! I did it again. I took the morning off. No run today. Another gift to myself Robert Song. However, be sure that I have totally justified this in my own mind and am already reaping the benefits. My calf, though still niggling, is much improved and I am freed from the worry of it becoming worse. How does that sound? Convincing.....?

21 March, 2006


Took the run very gingerly this morning. My left calf feels tight and sore so I didn't want to be nursing an injury at this point in time, any point in time for that matter. There was no sprint home today. I got through the 12K though and then did some stretches. Maybe I will indulge in a massage.

19 March, 2006

Sunday sort of long run

I probably didn't go as far as I should have this morning but I did manage get out to 28K at an average pace of 4:57. I ran to along the river from Park Road to Breakfast Creek and followed the same route back. It was pleasant running this morning and there were plenty of runners out today.

Only three weeks until Canberra now and I am really looking forward to it.

17 March, 2006

No Fryday

The weather certainly is changing and I am running at least half my runs in the dark now. There is little chance of frying now so I can hardly use heat and humidity as excuses for slowness. I will have find aome other excuse.

An enjoyable no stress 12k today. I ma looking forward to my long run on Sunday. I am not yet sure how far that will be but it will be from Park Road.

15 March, 2006

Out & Back Wednesday

Out to the 6K mark in 29:50 and back home in 27:24. That's 12K in 57:14.

14 March, 2006

Feel Good Recovery

It was a beautiful morning for running this morning. When I set out the stars were still shining and the flying foxes were still squabbling over gum tree blossoms. I really enjoyed the run. Sometimes when I set out with the intention of doing a easy slower run I get a bit panicy and start thinking this run is taking way too long. Today, however, I was able to relax and take it easy for the whole run. 12K in 1:03:04.

13 March, 2006

Half Marathon Splits

Just for the record. Having read Tesso's and Clairie's Blogs I thought I might take a closer look at my splits.

4:48 (1.1k)

Well! a bit of variety there.

The Great Race

What a magic weekend. The weather was purrrfect.

On riverside Drive at West End yesterday at 5:15 AM it was brilliant. I set out for a 5k warmup for the Brisbane Road Runners Culb Half Marathon championship. I was back in plenty of time to register and say hello to a few running buddies like Clairie, Tesso, Runner-Bee, Karisma, Robert Song, Spot and Hannah.

The race started and off we went. Clairie was about 30 to 40 metres ahead of me in no time. I thought this one goes down to Clairie. However, as the race progressed I was able to make up the distance and pass her but then I had to work hard to keep ahead and I didn't know whether I was going to be able to do that. You see I know that Clairie will, in the not too far distant future, beat me, but Clairie is doing something special for me, she is making me work harder than I might otherwise do. She is making me dig deeper in order to keep ahead and that is a very good thing. And look what Clairie achieved yesterday...a 5 minute PB.

My race progressed very well and towards the end of the last lap I was picking off guys who had passed me early in the race. In fact I did my last K in 4:04. My finish tiime was 1:33:37 and I came 3rd in my age category. Ron Peters, who won my category, 50-54, was also the out right winner in a time of about 1:15:00. Pretty amazing stuff.

I am very happy with yesterday's result as it boosts my confidence for Canberra.

10 March, 2006

Ticking Over

59:14 for 12K this morning. Legs were feeling a bit leaden. I hope Sunday will be better. I will have to get there early and do a bit of a warm up.

09 March, 2006

R & R

With the Sunday's Half Marathon in mind and the desire not to let Clairie get too far out of sight I decided to give my tired body a wee rest today.

08 March, 2006

Just another 12k

12K no watch today. Feeling tired but no aches or pains. Very hot morning this morning. I amhoping for a cool Sunday for the Half.

07 March, 2006


Today was a nice steady recovery run on the 12k circuit. It took me 1:02:28. I was feeling a bit drained yesterday after Sunday's 37.7. If tiredness is my only concern, I am doing OK.

I don't want to exert myself too much this week as Sunday is the Brisbane Road Runners Half Marathon championship run. This will be a good precursor to the Canberra Marathon on April 9.

My big challenge on Sunday will be keeping Clairie in sight. I know she LET me beat her in the 20K a couple of weeks ago.

05 March, 2006

Sunday Loooooooong Run

I headed out from Park Road this morning along the river to Newstead and then on to Hamilton and heaven only knows where. I kept running until I hit a dead end and ran back the same way.
37.7K in all in 3:05:32. An average of 4.55 per K. In some parts of the run I was battling against strong wind and driving rain. Reminded of the Toowoomba marathon last year.

All in all the run went well and I feel good about it. Next Sunday is the BRRC Half Marathon championships.

03 March, 2006

Another Friday

Friday already again! Time is flying and I am not, but I am moving along alright. I thought last nigth it would probably be raining this morning. After being woken by a cramp in my left calf, I checked the clock and found that the alarm was about to go off anyway. At my place water dripping from leaves onto the roof sounds a bit like rain so I had a look at the sky and coudl see stars so knew I wouldn't be getting wet on the run.

It is still warm enough and humid enough to work up a good sweat so I am pretty wet by the time I get home anyway.

I finished the 12K circuit in 58:02 today. The circuit is a harder course than the out and back course.

02 March, 2006

Not to be sss-kneesed at

Well sore knees or not, I decided to have a go at the out and back. the day off yesterday must have done some good because I added 100m to the to make it 6.25K in the 30 mins. My return time was 28:21. So 12.5k in 58:21 made me happy.

01 March, 2006

Sore Knees

I woke on time this morning but decided not to run as my knees are sore. I am hoping that a short rest may do some good. I have been experiencing some knee problems for some time. Strangely they are not sore after a long run, even Sunday's long run where I applied bit more pressure. It is after my 12K runs that I experience the most problems.