18 February, 2005

Friday 18/2/2005

I decided not to do my 11.3k circuit this morning so that I could aviod a couple of serious hills. It's not the going up, it's the going down that is the problem. I am finding it to jaring on my right leg and hip. I opted, instead, for a less hilly out and back and did 10k in my programmed 50 min.

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Brendan said...


Thanks for yr comment on my blog. Look forward to seeing you in Canberra. Also planning to come up for the Marathon in Brissy on the 24th April. Off to attempt Maroondah Dam 50km tomorrow. Feeling v unfit but if I pace well I should make it before cut off. Look fwd to seeing the gang. Staying at the Rydges.. Keep up the training, it's looking very consistent, unlike mine at the moment.