13 February, 2005

Sunday 13/2/2005

What a great race this morning. We had a good turnout for the Club 10 mile Championship race.

Clairie was there for the first time and true to her recent form, ran an excellent race.

Rith won his category in a blistering time of 61:40. He, understandably, was pretty pleased with that. Rith was in good company this morning - we had the pleasure of having our coach Pat Carroll run with us today - well, with Rith at least.

Chunderchick is on fire. She won her category as well AND was the first female overall. Congratulations Chunderchick.

As for me I got second in my category. I averaged 4:16 to come in at 1:08:45. If I had known that the guy who won my category, 50-54, was actually in my category I would have tried harder. Mind you if I had beaten him I also would have been the outright winner because that is what he was. He was Ron Peters from Toowoomba.

With regards to my hip. Again running seemed to help. After the race I felt really good. Sitting agrivates the problem which leads to believe the problem is Sciatica.


Horrie said...

Congratulations on a great run Eddie. You've got to be happy with 4:16 kms over 10 miles. It's great to see you guys who are putting in the hard work get the rewards that go with it. Only 8 weeks to go until Canberra. Just need to keep that hip under control, even though it didn't seem to slow you down today at all.

Clairie said...

Brilliant effort Eddie.

That Sciatica can be nasty. You either have to sit or can't bear to sit (sounds like you have the later).

Great to see you out there this morning encouraging everyone as usual. Really makes a run feel good when you see all the familiar faces and hear everyone cheering you on. I'm off to cool down in the pool now - legs are a tad stiff after this morning. I have no idea how you run so fast - and all the time. Keep it up anyhow!!

Superflake said...

Well done on the great run Eddie.
Keep that hip under control we want to see you start the Canberra ultra. Keep up that great training you have been doing of late. Can only help you have a good one in Canberra.

Luckylegs said...

Eddie, that's bloody brilliant! What a fantastic race for you & you could have been first overall...now that's what I call "top of the class"!

No, right knee not out of trouble; was killing me towards the end yesterday & all last night; ok today but seeing GP this afternoon; maybe it needs an x-ray; will let you know. Once again, brillian effort from your Chickybabe!