26 February, 2005

Saturday 26/2/2005

23k's today in 1:58. Pat had me down for the 20k race at Brisbane Road Runners tomorrow but as I am the race director I won't be able to do it. I found today very hard going and thought that if I am feeling like this running only 23k, how the hell am I going to do 50k. I am wondering if I should back off on the speed training between now and Canberra......... how necessary is speed training between now and then? I seem to be getting very negative don't I? Never-the-less I am really looking forward to Canberra.

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Clairie said...

Talk to Pat, Eddie. I am sure speed training is only necessary for you to achieve a certain time. You have a lot of speed in the bank so work out some new priorities with focus on avoiding anything to aggrevate the hips.

I dont think anyone would want to see you get injured whilst trying to follow a goal for one race.

I am sure you will do well at Canberra. Just think not long now till the true taper begins anyhow.