19 February, 2005

Saturday 19/2/2005

Saturday is usually a rest day but some of my Park Road running friends aren't able to make it on Sunday. When the alarm went off at 4:10 this morning I was in rest day mode and found it a little hard to get moving. We set out at a little past 5:00 and took it nice and steady. By the time we had run along the river to Breakfast Creek and back we had covered 23k and been running for 2 hours. My right hip/leg is still bothering me but after 5 or 6 K's it settles down. At the end of the run this morning I felt like I could have just kept on going.


Superflake said...

Well done Eddie 23ks on your rest day. Hope the hip is getting better. Seems it takes a while to warm up.

Clairie said...

Well I hope you had a rest day today instead Eddie! gotta look out for that hip.

I love it when you get in the 'zone' and could just keep running. That's the most enjoyable time.

Horrie said...

That's a good sign Eddie that you could have kept going at the end of 23km. Another good sign is that you are managing your hip problem well and it is something that you can run out and it isn't hindering your performance. Keep it going!