22 February, 2005

Tuesday 22/02/02

A real crowd at Pat's Training Group today. We were privileged to have Action the Coolrunning Strider with us this morning. We did 15 minutes of hills in the City Gardens. I felt really good today, which probably means I wasn't working hard enough. My excuse is that my hip is coming good and I didn't want to agravate it. Howerver, RITH didn't manage to lap me so that was a good sign.
Poor Clairie twisted her ankle and was sidelined. I hope it is not serious Clairie.


Luckylegs said...

How lucky are you to be in a training group with Pat! It must make for big improvements, Eddie; sorry to hear that Clairie twisted her ankle..will now go & post to her again! LL

Horrie said...

Good to see El Presidente up there enjoying some northern sunshine. I'm sure you all showed him great hospitality. Sounds like the hip is coming along nicely.