09 February, 2005

Wednesday 9/2/2005

I woke this morning at 4:25 and got up to get ready for my Wednesday 15.7k but decided against it. I have been feeling very tired and lethargic and decided to listen to my body today.

I am getting a bit anxious about having strong enough base to finish the Canberra 50k without killing mysef, so giving up the run this morning was not an easy decision.


Horrie said...

You made the right decision not to run this morning Eddie. Don't worry too much about your base as you have clocked up over 300km for the last 2 months. Your body will appreciate it when you rock up to Pat's session tomorrow ready to give it another flogging. I only wished I listened more to my body in the week before Saturday then I wouldn't have ended up in such a mess. You'll do fine in the 50km at Canberra. No need to worry about that.

Clairie said...

Eddie - I went through the same last year just before Kurrawa. Listen to your body. It knows best.

Also this weather is very exhausting and the kilometres you are doing when taking the humidity into account would be more taking on the body than the same distance done in cooler weather.

I know for sure that when Canberra comes around, running in the cooler weather and your current capabilies will see you flying over the finish line :)