16 February, 2005

Wednesday 16/2/2005

My legs don't normally feel as tired as they do today. I guess they have taken a bit of a caning so far this week. Almost 50k's including a 10 mile race and a speed session.
I did my 15.7k circuit today in 80:32. I did take it easy because my legs wouldn't let me do anything else.


Clairie said...

Eddie, I am actually glad I had the day off. I went and had a 90min massage and it hurt like hell. I am still hobbling today. Did 100 laps at the pool to compensate but my calves are on fire. I think they broke every muscle in my body. So much for massage being therapeautic....

Don't tell anyone but I am really looking forward to Thursday. I love my speed sessions too! BUT I WILL DENY IT IF CONFRONTED!!!

Horrie said...

A good example of listening to your body Eddie. You need to stay fresh for speedwork tomorrow. And I am glad you weren't posting on my blog at 3.30am. I'd be a bit worried about you if you were reading blogs at that hour.