10 February, 2005

Thursday 10/2/2005

Another good session with Pat's group today. 1 x 2k 1.5 min rec, 1 x 1k 1.5 min rec, 2 x 500m 1 min rec, 1 x 2k.

I'm experiencing some discomfort with my right hip. It's Okay after a good warm up but really slowing me at the start. Rith showed me some stretches to do so I will do them and see how I go. I occasionally go through these sorts aches and pains, as I am sure we all do, and usually they go as quickly as they came. However, I woudn't like this one to get any worse.

It was great to have the Qld 50k Champ, Tesso, with us this morning. We run in esteemed company. Clairie is doing really well, week by week she is getting stronger and faster.

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Luckylegs said...

You Brissie people are coming along in leaps & bounds! All champions in the making; watch out for your hip pain, Eddie; hard to shake off once it becomes chronic pain. Thanks for your comment of the blogs update. Stay well. LL