05 February, 2005

Saturday 5/2/2005

Rest day for me today.
I just read about Horrie on CoolRunning. He must have put a super effort in the Striders 10k as he wasn't too good at the end of the race. I hope he is okay.

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Horrie said...

Thanks for your concern Eddie. Yeah, I was putting in a super effort until the lights went out at 8km. Was on track for a low 41 at that stage but don't know what happened after that. Was feeling great right throughout the first 7 km and was only about 30-40 metres behind Superflake. I actually surprised myself that I was able to run that well. Then around the 8km mark, just like when a car runs out of petrol, the lights went out with no warning. Very scary ordeal and one that will certainly have me backing off as I never want to go through anything like that again. I will continue to run but not at that intensity for a while if ever. I'm still going to Canberra and will run with my wife in her first marathon at a lot slower pace than I was going to. Looking forward to meeting you and the other Brissy Cool Runners down there. Wouldn't miss it for quids.