31 March, 2005

Thursday 31/3/2005

I didn't dare not turn up at Training today (note I left out Speed). I am overwhelmed by the encouragement and support I have received and since a lot of that comes from my running buddies in Pat's group.......what could I do? No, truly, I would miss them too much.

So, this morning, even Clairie was way out ahead of me and she reckoned she was having a bad day. I did 3 X 2K efforts at 4:15 pace with 1:30 standing recovery.

It was a great morning and I am really glad I went along. We have a good time. I am happy to just soak up the atmosphere the group generates.

29 March, 2005

Tuesday 29/3/2005

12K this morning in a staggering 1:10:45. I couldn't take it much easier than that if I tried.

28 March, 2005

Monday 28/3/2005

Well the easter eggs are kicking in. I had a good run this morning - 12K @ ave 5min. I know I said I was going to do a long run but I have decided on a new strategy to keep me going until Canberra. I am going to stick to my 12k circuit - nothing else, just the 12k at least 5 times each of of the last 2 weeks. Speed work seems to be a serious hindrance to my health and wellbeing at the moment.

I am going to rethink my whole Gold Coast program as well and am not sure to what degree, if any, speed training will play a part. Over these last 6 weeks I have felt like a complete wreck. I handled being out for 10 weeks in 2003 from a stress fracture better than I have handled my injuries this year. I think I was expecting so much more from myself. As a mate of mine reminded me, prior to the Gold Coast and Sydney Marathons last year I was really pumped up and raring to go. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely looking forward to Canberra, I just have some reservations about how it will go for me.

27 March, 2005

Sunday 27/3/2005

I spent Friday and Saturday at Couran Cove with friends. I took my grandchildren, 6 & 7, with me. We had a great time, riding, swimming, jet- sking, banana boat riding, the works.
This morning, Easter Sunday, was spent with my family at a Barbaque breakfast at Mt Coot-tha with ther family.
I didn't make to West End for the 7-35k self select this morning. My plan is to do a long run tomorrow. I haven't done any running since Tuesday's speed session.

24 March, 2005

Thursday 24/3/2005

I missed the speed session this morning. I decided to do an easy run from home instead and set out at 5:00AM and after about 800m turned round and went home in disgust. I just couldn't get going and didn't have the where-withall to push myself.

I am off to Couran Cove tomorrow for 2 days. Hopefully the rest will do me some good.

It is really good to hear how well everyone seems to be doing as they begin the taper to the big race. Have a VB for me Plu.

23 March, 2005

Wednesday 23/3/2005

I rested today. I have decided to give tomorrow's speed seesiion a miss and do an easy run from home. I don't think it will do me any harm to have a change.

22 March, 2005

Tuesday 22/3/2005

A great Hill session this morning. I really enjoyed. It was on nice soft grass and didn't hurt much.
I have no idea how many of Pat's extended loops I did but it seemed a lot. Rith only passed me once.

20 March, 2005

Sunday 20/3/2005

A good long run today. Set out from Park Road at 5:00AM for a 2hr 30min run and managed to do 27k. After the run I walked a couple of K's to meet some friends. I found the walk really beneficial. It seemed to take away some of the stiffness from the run.

19 March, 2005

Saturday 19/03/2005

7.6k in 41:00, average 5:23 per k. I decided to do a short run in prep for the long one tomorrow.
My long run last Sunday sure seemed to take it out of me. I will take tomorrows run a bit easier. I need to relax and not be driven by anxiety.
I fear I have not learnt Horrie's lesson. I am letting finishing times and speed take the enjoyment out of the run. I think if Horrie can recover and run and enjoy the 6' as he did then I can do it for Canberra. I will go back and read Horrie's Blog between his 10k shocker and the 6' and see what I can glean.

18 March, 2005

Friday 18/3/2005

I didn't run today. I went for a remedial massage instead. It was painful but good.
I'll have a short run tomorrow and a nice long one on Sunday.

17 March, 2005

Thursday 17/3/2005

OK! That's it! I am never going to whinge about my legs again. Just like that other subject I am never going to mention, I am not going to talk about my legs again. Even if they drop off, you won't hear about it from me.
Between Rith, Tesso and Clairie I reckon they have me pretty well sorted out. I am sure I heard Clairie yell something like "Whinging Eddie". I could be mistaken. I definitely heard "Steady Eddie", and "Slow Down Eddie".
We did 3 X 4 mins and 1 X 2 mins today. All I can say is that the 3 X 4's took me 4 mins each and the 1 X 2 took me 2 mins. Other than tha t I am not commenting.

16 March, 2005

Wednesday 16/3/2005

After Sunday's run and speed work yesterday my legs were shot by last night so I thought it would be wise to give this morning's run a miss.

My hip is much better but my legs, generally, seem to be suffering. They seem to be screaming out for a break. Everything feels out of whack at the moment. I just going to ease on into Canberra now.

15 March, 2005

Tuesday 15/3/2005

What a great bunch Pat Carroll's Running Group is. It's always a pleasure to meet up with them. Just going along there and training with them enables you to put the effort in. I know I just wouldn't do it on my own. Even though you may not be feeing up to doing the session, once you are there and with these people you just get on with it.

Clairie sure gave me a run for my money this morning. She getes away from the start line so quickly and takes some catching up to I can tell you. Everyone seemed to be working really hard this morning, especially after all the PB's on Sunday.

I got in 8 X 500's at average 1:57 and then a 1K at 3:48.

13 March, 2005

Sunday 13/3/2005

At last!!!! A long run. Yahooooo! After making the decision to sacrifice the Brisbane Road Runners Half Marathon championship race for a 3 hour training run, I arranged to meet some running buddies at Park Road at 5:00AM.

Saturday night I got my gear ready and set the alarm for 4:05AM. Plenty of time to get ready and drive to Park Road.

Sunday morning I awoke, not to the alarm but to the light of the dawning Sun filtering through the curtains. I took a look at the alarm clock - the digital display was flashing. I jumped out of bed horrified, raced to the kitchen to check the battery operated clock - 5:30Am.

I made it to Park Road at 6:15AM and set off on my 3 Hour run all by myself. BooHoo.

I set off to Newstead and beyond, whatever distance 1Hr 30 min would take me.
Besides feeling a bit down, I was otherwise, feeling pretty good. My spirits were lifted when I met my running buddies along the river between New Farm and Breakfast Creek. They, of course, were heading back. I still had another 30 mins before I could turn around.

I was able to maintain a fairly steady pace, I had a GU at the turn around, which was just under 18 K's and kept up the water the whole way. I carry a small water bottle in my hand and keep it topped up the various taps along the way. I find belts really annoying.

After 35.5K and 2:58:37 I arrived back at Park Road feeling exhausted but elated. My buddies plus other friends who had been at the Club run were drinking coffee and they gave me a big cheer which topped off the morning very nicely. Bad start.......good ending. This morning's run has given my confidence for Canberra a much needed boost.

11 March, 2005

Friday 11/03/2005

I just couldn't make the cut today. Saving myself for a long run on Sunday....3Hours.

I had terrific remedial massage from Murray Crean last night. He got to the spots where I have been feeling I really would like to apply sore serious pressure. It was really good.

10 March, 2005

Thursday 10/3/2005

Today I was paying the price for my good run yesterday. I found training very hard this morning. After a long warm up we did some run throughs and then 2 x 5 minute efforts. My run throughs were more like walk throughs and then in the first 5 min effort Clairie and Tesso took off and I just had to let them go. In the second effort I got away before them and was running a bit better. We ran out for 2.5 minutes and then back to the start. In this last return section I somehow manged to get in the Zone and felt good and couldn't stop myself from racing back and cut 10 seconds of my return run. That was good.

We then did about 7 reps on the Goodwill Bridge - fast up and jog back down. That was tough.

The test for me today is my recovery. How well and quickly I recover willbe a good indication of how my Injury recovery is going. At this point, 3 hours, I am doing well.

09 March, 2005

Wednesday 9/3/2005

On Saturday I did the 12K circuit from home in 63 mins today I did it in 55:57. My average pace was 4:40. Am I pleased? You better believe it. Annnnnnnd I can still walk.

08 March, 2005

Tuesday 8/3/2005

A great crowd at speed training this morning. I was there just going through the motions - a bit frustrating but necessary. I am much improved.

07 March, 2005

Monday 7/3/2005

Well I've had 2 days with no running at all. I've been popping Voltarin - which work like magic. I've got a massage lined up for Thursday. I'm feeling a lot better. Tomorrow I'll be at speed training with Pat's group but without the speed. Hopefully I'll be right by Sunday because I have a much needed and much looked forward to 3hr run lined up.

05 March, 2005

Saturday 5/3/2005

A very easy 12k today in 1:03. I just wanted to keep the legs ticking over without aggravating the injury too much.
This afternoon I will be at Southbank helping set up for the International Women's Day fun Run. There will be about 3,ooo runners/walkers lining up tomorrow morning. I will be helping out in the morning as well. The event is organised by the Brisbane Road Runners Club and raises funds for the Surf Life Savers. Keith and Jenny Chaston, and Brenda Kerr (RunnerBee) put in an enormous effort in the organisation of the event.

04 March, 2005

Friday 4/3/2005

Thanks everyone, for the good wishes. I gave my Friday run a miss altogether today. I got straight into the Voltarin as prescribed by Steve the Footman and I can't believe the improvement already. Today I have been able to walk without being continually conscious of the discomfort in my hip and upper leg. It's been great.
Don't worry I am still going to take it easy. I'm daring to feel much more positive about Canberra now.

03 March, 2005

Thursday 3/3/2005 - Extra

I went to see Steve the Footman today. He says I have Hip Flexor Tendonitis. I am to take it easy for at least 8 days. No long runs over 90 minutes and no speed sessions. Oh well! If I am going to do any good in Canberra I have to do what Steve says.

I am a bit concerned about my lack of long runs and had planned to go out on Saturday with Tesso and her crew but won't be able to now........very disappointing.

Thursday 3/3/2005

Another good speed session today. I was a bit slow off the mark but improved as the session progressed. We finished the session with a no-watch 1k predictor. My prediction was 3:55 but I ran 3:39. Pat says that in future he would like us to nominate a race pace,eg marathon, so that we can see how well we can pace ourselves. Belinda won this morning. She was 7 secs off her prediction. Each person who nominated a time paid a gold coin ( or more if you like). The money Raised goes to a charity (Camp Quality) and the winner gets the receipt to claim on their tax .

02 March, 2005

Wednesday 2/3/2005

Before I started out this morning I was going though various ideas about where to run and how much etc. When I got out side the gate I decided to set off on my usual Wednesday 15.7K run. I wasn't doing very well and feeling a bit dispondent until the about 4k when another runner loomed out of the dark, coming the other way. I rarely see other runners when I run from home, so it nice surprise to see someone else out there. The reason I mention this is that it gave me a real lift - it spurred me on. I started to think a bit more clearly about what I was doing and what would be best for me today.

I made the decision to cut my 15.7k circuit short and revert to my old 12K circuit. This seemed to lift a load off my shoulders because, physically, I didn't think my 15.7 circuit was the best thing for me at this time. I finished the 12k in 58:03 and felt quite elated. Now at 10:30am I am still feeling good and I am not hobbling when I get up to walk so I must have made the right decision.

If you been able to figure out what the hell you have just read then you are doing well.

01 March, 2005

Tuesday 1/3/2005

I went along to Pat's Group this morning but reneged on the 3K Time Trial. I just jogged it and gave Tesso a bit of a razz on the last K.....that was fun. Another PB for Clairie ..... what a machine! Another PB for RITH.......keep an eye on this man in Canberra.